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Technology companions that can connect with apps through smart phones, tablets, laptops or any Bluetooth®-enabled device.

Our History

As the increase of technology devices saturated the market, Kayle Concepts recognized that children’s playtime was being replaced by tablets, smart phones and other technological toys and learning devices. The notion of having an inseparable, huggable plush best friend had apparently become a habit of the distant past.

 With the intent of bringing back the plush buddy, Laura Jiencke, founder of Kayle Concepts had an idea of combining traditional plush toy designs with state-of-the-art technology. The concept of an educational “huggable” plush learning companion that could be combined with a wide range of online digital content would provide children with a great source of entertainment while assisting in educating and developing Cognitive and Communication skills. 

Laura Jiencke is the founder and creator of the awarding winning Bluebee Pals Interactive Plush Learning Tools, Bluebee Pals Life Skills/Educational App and co-author of the Bluebee Pals Techie Rangers book. The Bluebee Pals and companion app are recognized globally as an effective assistive technology tool for early learners and special needs children for engaging communication and learning.

Kayle Concepts is well known for their numerous collaborations with educators, therapists and universities through her non-profit donation program, The Bluebee Pal Project. Laura is passionate about working with special needs organizations and contributing viable resources for educators and therapists through The Bluebee Pal Website is a highly respected resource for many educator and therapy organizations.

Kayle Concepts partners with educators, therapists and app developers

Bluebee Pals Project

Bluebee Pals Project learning in an educational environment

Bluebee Pals for Special Needs Donation Program

Kayle Concepts donates Bluebee Pals to schools and organizations across the country for use in their classrooms and therapy sessions. Teachers, parent’s and therapists are experiencing the impact of using Bluebee Pals as educational tools. Feedback from hundreds of special needs educators said our “talking tech buddies” encourage communication, language use, attentiveness, sensory processing, and positive behaviors.

Bluebee Pals Project – A Nonprofit

We believe in giving back to the communities in which we serve by supporting special needs children through our Nonprofit 501(c)(3), the Bluebee Pals Project. Our vision is to see all children reach their full potential by giving them the tools they need today. We are committed to making a difference by assisting the professionals who help those with special needs on a path towards their bright and promising futures.

If you would like to participate in The Bluebee Pal Project, please email us at

Bluebee Pals Project learning in an educational environment
speech therapy app with Bluebee Pals

Bluebee TeeVee


What is autism anyway? In Episode 1 of Bluebee TeeVee, host James Sullivan and his Bluebee Pal, Leo, have a chat about what autism is and what it means to be someone on the autism spectrum. “It’s a world of abilities…and possibilities,” says Leo…and we couldn’t agree more!


What are people with autism like? In Episode 2 of Bluebee TeeVee, host James Sullivan tells his Bluebee Pal, Lily, “We’re just like everyone else in so many ways but there are some interesting differences.” Lily learns a whole new view and understanding of people with autism. She thinks “they’re awesome!” Yep, she’s got that right!


Let’s talk! In Episode 3 of Bluebee TeeVee, host James Sullivan talks to his Bluebee Pal, Riley, about about the many ways autistic people communicate. You see some people with autism can’t speak but they can still be heard and understood using picture boards or communication tools, like apps on tablets. The fancy word for this type of talking is augmentative and alternative communication or AAC for short. “Far out!” says Riley, and she’s even more surprised when she finds out that she’s a communication tool too!


How can you be a good friend to your autistic buddy? In Episode 4 of Bluebee TeeVee, host James Sullivan puts his Bluebee Pal, Hudson, to the test in “The Friendship Game!” Watch this webisode to discover Hudson’s answers and you’ll learn all about autism, friendship, and why it’s awesome to have an autistic friend!


friendship-kit-thumbnailEPISODE 4 BONUS!! Discover the secrets to creating a successful buddy program at school. Download our “Friendship Kit,” a complete guide to how one mom created a lunch buddy program and lasting friendships for her autistic son. So successful, the program was featured in People Magazine. Mom and Quirks and Chaos blogger, Lisa Smith, breaks everything down for you including sample forms and permission slips.

Nearly 70 percent of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) experience emotional trauma as a result of being bullied. That’s 3 times more likely than their typically developing peers. In Episode 5 of Bluebee TeeVee host James Sullivan and his Bluebee Pal co-host, Sammy, talk about bullying and cyber-bulling. Learn how to take action and where you can find help.

When you talk about autism in your classroom, it’s important that you include autistic viewpoints and experiences as a part of the discussion. There will always be a place for professional and parental guidance and perspectives, but autistic voices should rise to the top. They are the true “experts” on autism. Through them, you and your students will be able to make a personal connection to what it means to be autistic and take away a more authentic understanding of the autism experience.

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