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About the Program

Our educators, therapist, parents and even kids ambassadors use a variety of our products at home, classrooms, and work in different settings including therapy, Pre K-3 level teaching, and professional development presentations.

Bluebee Pal Ambassadors have firsthand knowledge of our products, and an understanding of how they enhance the learning process for students, teachers, homeschoolers, and the education community. They know the challenges and changes that teachers and students are facing and help us to adapt to the continuously evolving education system.

How Bluebee Pals Ambassadors Support us

  • App Recommendations and App Reviews with Bluebee Pals.
  • Submitting Workshop Proposals: Bluebee Pal Seminars utilizing Apps and Smart Boards with Bluebee Pals.
  • Evaluating our products for content, ease of use, and how well they assist students in the learning process. 
  • Writing stories for publications and blogs. 
  • Providing feedback on Bluebee Pals products, website, and general marketing information. 
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