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App Partners & Educators

Bluebee Pals are working with these educators and app developers to help Entertain, Educate and Communicate (E.E.C) with kids and their parents through technology.


Teachers with Apps – Jayne Clare, Special Education teacher and One of “20 to Watch” Leaders Advancing Education Technology (2013), and Anne Rachel, Early Childhood educator, co-founded TWA back in November of 2010 to help teachers, therapists, parents and students wade through the vast number of educational apps being released on a daily basis. Jayne still carries on their original mission of bringing quality ed tech content to the masses, today.

TWA field-tests every app with a cross-section of students/teachers as part of our review process. Teachers With Apps is dedicated to the idea that quality mobile educational apps are the tools of the future but they need to be used responsibly.



TechTerra Training Is founded on the recognition that in our 21st century world, students of all ages, from kindergarten through middle school and beyond, need 21st century skills, incorporating the 4 C’s of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, to be equipped to solve real world problems. Innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) training, in an environment that fosters creativity, is vital to ensure that today’s students will have the skills they need. Also vital for today’s students is a concern and appreciation for the natural world. TechTerra Training provides an opportunity to help students link new innovative digital tools with an understanding of our global ecosystems, through the methodologies of Project Based Learning and Maker Education.



Jackie Bryla founder of a.c.t. – Apps, Consulting and Training, is a speech language pathology assistant (SLPA) in California.  Her experience includes working with transitional kindergarten through high school age students as well as students with special needs within the functional skills and autism classrooms.  She is highly experienced in technology and has creatively used apps with dozens of students.



Gravity Bread was founded by Becca Isenberg,  a speech language pathologist and author who loves to cook and bake! I wanted to create a website that incorporated my love for food, parenting and language. I also wanted to include a special needs section given my background in working with children with special needs. I think mealtime is the ideal time to teach our children about all important topics including social skills, caring for our earth, healthy eating, allergies and much more! I have been baking since I can remember and have learned how to cook and bake mostly from reading cookbooks, watching cooking shows, friends and my family. I also have a passion for books, specifically children’s book. I think books are treasures and should be treated as such.


Speakaboos Helps children read, explore and discover books they love based on their interests. Developed by the expert team that brought you Blue’s Clues, SuperWHY! and, and based on the decades of research and testing of Dr. Alice Wilder, Speakaboos mobile education platform cultivates literacy and language learning skills for children from preschool to second grade. Our storybooks features rich illustrations, animated characters, story-driven games, and touch-screen interactions that bring favorite stories to life and keeps children engaged while learning. Speakaboos can be enjoyed on computers, tablets or mobile devices at home and in schools.



Geek Club Books – Our children’s autism social story apps are narrative, entertaining and based on ‘real’ autistic individuals. We produce them as apps to make them an engaging, interactive, and customizable experience. We’re autism storytellers for positive change. We go beyond the story…to entertain and educate with a social mission. We’re profoundly changing how the world views autism, one story at a time.




OMazing Kids LLC is an organization that promotes inclusive wellness activities for kids of all abilities. The blog and social media pages share information about books, DVD’s, CD’s, games and other products specifically designed for kids wellness, mindfulness and relaxation, product reviews & giveaways, lesson plan & activity ideas, research, kids wellness in the news and a connection corner with listings of individuals doing adapted yoga and those offering trainings.

Angela Moorad is the founder of OMazing Kids, LLC and is an ASHA certified & licensed pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist with over 25 years experience working in a variety of settings (early intervention, schools, teletherapy & a nonprofit pediatric rehab hospital for children with developmental disabilities). She is an app beta tester for educational & therapeutic app developers and loves sharing info about great apps to use with kids of all abilities.




You TELL Me Stories Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to developing an extensive multi-lingual library of interactive digital picture books that provide parents with resources to develop the read aloud techniques that research has shown makes reading aloud most effective, and are critical to the development of pre-literacy skills and Oral Language – THE Foundation for Literacy.

You TELL Me Stories features WordWinks (red, italicized words embedded right into the text) that provide the comments and questions to ask, and vocabulary to paraphrase to get children actively engaged and thinking beyond the words on the page- all while listening or being read the story.

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