Wh Questions – Bingo App is an educational app that can help a child learn to differentiate and respond to various “wh” question such as Who, What, Where, When and Why. Answering these types of questions can be challenging for children and adults with varying disabilities. This app contains who bingo, what bingo, where bingo, when bingo, why bingo and match up bingo. Each game contains over 20 questions. The app includes concrete line drawings of various common items, people, animals and a variety of concepts.



Get Bluebee Pal to be a partner in your Bingo Game. With Bluebee asking the “wh” questions, your child or student will be motivated to answer those questions given those visual prompts from the Bingo board.


  1. Connect your Bluebee Pal with your device. Choose the bingo board of your choice! With Bluebee Pal connected, your child and/or student will be able to hear the question asked by Bluebee. Miss the question? Activate the speaker icon to hear the question again. With the field of 16 choices as a default, your child or student can activate the correct answer and play the bingo board.
  2. In the settings mode, you will have the ability to use the minimum of four items and can have up to 36 items on your Bingo board depending on the visual and motor abilities of the player. You can also choose to have the label on or off, have audio hints and have the text only with no pictures to build literacy skills.
  3. With this app, you get a choice of four different bingo board and a variety of different picture and questions. This app can be an excellent activity with individual students or in a small group of children. It can help build auditory and visual skills by answering the questions and finding the appropriate answer within a field of pictures or text.

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