Snap and Core First App DynaVox is the DynaVox’s new communication app and software. This app is free to download for certified ASHA speech-language pathologists and includes both core and fringe vocabulary with additional features. This app is free to download a trial without speech output. With verbal output, the app is $179.99.

These features of Snap and Core First include core vocabulary, quick-fire vocabulary for easy and quick communication, topic-based boards for specific contexts or activity based communication, a variety of keyboards and supports. These visual supports include a timer, schedule boards and much more which is great for an educational setting. The app is easy to edit and can be modified for any type of communicator.


Are you using this communication app with your student or child? Let Bluebee Pal help communicate during these suggested activities. Bluebee has proven to very instrumental as an assistive technology tool when utilized in conjunction with AAC devices.They engage children to communicate with a humanoid stuffed animal rather than just a screen.They are an effective tool for a speech therapist to motivate speech outside traditional channels of communication. Many children love their soft huggable tech companion and also use them at home to enhance learning and companionship.

  1. Use Bluebee pal during a structured activity on the topic page for bubbles.
  2. Take turns blowing and popping bubbles while modeling specific language in the bubbles page. 
  3. Take Bluebee Pal out in the community and order food at your local fast food restaurant. Many AAC users can be intimated by this process but with Bluebee Pal serving as the model, this experience will be less stressful and easy to succeed.
  4. Use Bluebee Pal for visual supports. Let Bluebee Pal show the student how to transition from one activity to another by providing the schedule and making the sound effect for when the timer is finished.


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