Have you helped your kiddos set goals?

Merriam-Webster shows the simple definition of goal to be “something that you are trying to do or achieve.”  Remember goals can be adjusted, but the key is to set them and begin! Here are some apps that will help your kiddos meet those goals; learn math facts, learn sight words, learn some new vocabulary or practice handwriting for 2016! 
Bluebee Pals and Tecnnology
Artgig Studio Math Apps – I’ve mentioned these before and they are worth mentioning again because they are so fun and some of my favorites!
  • Mystery Math Town,
  • Mystery Math Museum,
  • Mystery Word Town
  • Drive About Number Neighborhood
  • Marble Math Jr.
  • Marble Math
  • Shake a Phrase
Curriculum Associates, LLC has a FREE App called World’s Worst PetVocabulary that is great for older kids in grades 4-8 wanting to expand and refine their vocabulary in a fun game format.  Work on words in context, word relationships, synonyms and antonyms.
Try out Seven Academy’s The Sight Word Adventure Apps: Kids practice for their spelling tests or Innovative Investments, Limited Fry Words PRO – Read It, Build It, Trace It, Write It for sight word practice.
L’Escapadou has two spectacular and popular handwriting Apps.
  •     Writing Wizard – Kids Learn to Write Letters, Alphabet & Words
  • ·        Cursive Writing Wizard – Kids Learn to Write Letters & Words


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