Clicker ConnectClicker Connect developed by Crick Software helps students who are emerging readers and writers to help take beginning steps to independent writing by using words and phrases to build coherent text. Students have the opportunity to explore texts in a variety of ways. The app also allows an individual to write with pictures that includes a library with thousands of pictures. The settings icon will give you the ability to edit the font, font size, background color, text color and write with pictures.

Try this activity! Bake a cake with the “Making a Cake” example included in Clicker Connect. Make your Bluebee Pal the chef by telling the clinician what each steps of the recipes are. This activity is also an excellent activity to recommend parents doing with their children or as a group activity in the classroom.

  1. Open the folder icon on the top left corner of the screen. After opening up the icon, activate “iPad” on the left column and find “Make a Cake”. Once you open “Make a Cake”, you will have 6 steps to make a cake ready to go!
  2. Start with the pictures so the child can see the sequence of events of making a cake. Start with Step 1 and guide the child to create different sentences such as “First put the butter in a bowl, next add some sugar with a spoon, etc.” This activity can be functional and fun with Bluebee Pal and can help an individual learn parts of speech and create sentences on their own. The use of punctuation with Clicker Connect is important because with the addition of the period, the sentence is spoken.
  3. At the end of the activity, have Bluebee Pal recall all of the steps to the recipe. The steps can also be edited for more specific recipes.

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