Go Away Big Green Monster is an interactive and engaging book about A Big Green Monster. Reading this book can help a child learn body parts, numbers, attributes, colors and additional basic concepts. It can also facilitate the concept of commenting and improving of descriptive language.
This interactive app builds upon the book experience by slowly revealing each part of the Big Green Monster.

This is done with animation, sound and visual effects. With this app, you can either “Read myself”, “Read along with Ed Emberley (the author of the book), “Read along with a friend” or “Sing Along”. This choice of either choosing an adult or a child to read the story is unique and clever. Each page introduces a new body part which the reader adds on in each page. By the end of the story, don’t get scared though! Each body part goes away till the Monster is disappears!

Reading this book with Bluebee will add additional animation to an already engaging story!
1. Connect your Bluebee Pal. Choose a voice (either the child or adult). Do you want Bluebee to sing? Choose Sing Along Mode.
2. Start the story! Bluebee will read each page of the book. As Bluebee is reading the story, show the animation and images of the Monster to the child. This will help a child shift focus from the tablet to the Bluebee Pal. As the book is being read, you can further reinforce a child’s skills by pointing out different body parts on Bluebee Pal, such as eyes, ears and mouth. To work on body parts that are not on Bluebee pal, add them yourself by being creative! Add some hair to Bluebee pal (e.g. with yarn, etc), fake teeth, etc.

3. Read it again in a different voice! The next time Bluebee Pal reads the book, emphasize attributes such as “long”, “scary”, “squiggly”, and different colors. 

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