Welcome, Julia to Sesame Street with this free and informative app from Sesame Street. Julia is the newest character on Sesame Street and she has Autism. Included in this free and interactive app, there is information for parents to read and learn and then share with their children. There are numerous videos and articles for parents that can be helpful and provide a family with important resources. The information is also beneficial for those that want to learn more about Autism. Being sensitive to other peoples feelings and perspectives with regard to their children are important issues that both parents and children need to consider. The app also includes the storybook, We’re Amazing, 1,2,3!  


There are also videos included in the app such as Benny’s Story and The “Amazing” Song which help explain Autism in a way that young children can understand. Additionally, there are articles about siblings and tips on being a good friend to a child with Autism. There is also a provider guide to creating Autism Friendly Events which can be helpful to many adults planning specific events either at the home, in the community or at a school. To learn more about this app, check out my review on my blog here.

Bluebee Pal can be a key player in this app!

  1. After connecting with your Bluebee Pal explore the app! Choose a video for kids, daily routine cards or the storybook. Watch the videos with your children with Bluebee providing the voice in the background. This is a perfect opportunity to add that extra level of engagement to the activity. The app is easy to navigate between activities, which makes it easy for both the child and parent.
  2. Bluebee can help with the routine cards included in the app. The routine cards include brushing your teeth, going to a restaurant, morning routine, crossing the street, going to the store, bedtime routines, trying a new food and washing hands. Each card provides a visual and verbal prompt that Bluebee will be reading to your child!
  3. The storybook, which can also be read by Bluebee Pal stars the famous Elmo, Abby and their friend Julia, who has Autism. Together the friends have a wonderful play date together!

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