Bluebee Pals Techie Rangers, a companion to the Bluebee Pal Pro!

Do you want to add an educational carryover tool with your Bluebee Pal? Bluebee Pal Techie Rangers is the book for you!

This picture book is written by speech and language pathologist, Rebecca Eisenberg and president of Kayle Concepts LLC, Laura Jiencke and illustrated by the talented Erik Minter. 

This educational e-book is a perfect companion to be used with both the Bluebee Pal Pro and the Bluebee Pals app. The book also stands alone as a story about a young boy named Andy who gets lost and rescued by his Bluebee Pal friends. This story, which initially takes place in a school with children that have complex communication needs takes the reader on the adventure of a lifetime!

 Bluebee Pals Book Synopsis

What happens when the Andy gets lost? He gets rescued by his friend and park ranger, Leo the Lion who takes him on an adventure through the forest, farm and back to school. During this quest, he meets all of the Bluebee Pals and learns about their superpowers in helping other children.

The main character in this engaging and educational picture book is a young child with complex communication needs that uses a communication device to express his communication needs. Through the use of his talker, he is able to communicate with all of his new Bluebee Pal friends. With his communication system, he is able to tell them how to get back to his Rainbow School, where his class and teacher are waiting.

Bluebee Pals Techie Rangers is not just a story about an adventure, it’s also an opportunity to discuss diverse learning styles as well communicating through augmentative and alternative communication. Children will learn more about their own Bluebee Pal and have an extra special connection with them after reading the story.

Educators, therapists and parents will find this book easy to implement with their child or student!


What does it include?

The ebook and paperback will include the following:

  • Repeated lines and vocabulary suggestions to make it easy for parents and educators to program vocabulary in their child’s talkers before reading the book.
  • A free teachers guide that aligns with the common core curriculum.
  • Free printable visuals to be used while reading the book as well as used for recall and comprehension.
  • Suggested communication and educational goals to target with the book.
  • Are you interested in a printed book?

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