Compass App is a versatile comprehensive app created by Tobii DynaVox Technologies. The app includes a variety of page sets including Word Power, Gateway, PODD and a variety of DynaVox communication pages. Compass provides a research-based communication solution for individuals of all ages and abilities for individuals with complex communication needs.

Compass provides pagesets structured to address the unique needs of individuals with complex communication needs. Compass gives the user the ability to save your pages locally to your tablet or back up all of your information via the cloud and directly into your Tobii DynaVox account. Do you have an ASHA certification? Get this app for free by setting up an account with myTobii DynaVox and follow directions to download the app.

Try this Calendar Activity!
To access the Word Power pages, go to your settings page where you will need to activate Backup/Restore. Then activate Restore from myTobiiDynavox. Make sure all of your information is saved for the next step. Once you activate “yes”, you will have a full screen of all of your pages that are available on Compass. Choose Word Power at the bottom of the page. To restore the pages from mytobiidynavox, you will need the internet.

  1.  With your Bluebee Pal connected, activate the “Time” folder located on top of the screen. Depending on what Word Power page you are using, the page will look different but will still include similar vocabulary.
  2. Practice creating sentences for days of the week, months of the year, seasons and other time concepts such as day, night, yesterday, tomorrow, etc. With Bluebee Pal being the calendar helper, this activity can be exciting and motivating for not only the child using the page set but also for the other children in the class.
  3. Try the weather page by activating the “groups” page and accessing the folder weather. Let your Bluebee Pal take the lead by telling the other children what the weather is including the temperature outside. Take the lesson further by discussing what type of clothes you should wear in the current weather conditions. This a functional activity that can also help with daily living skills in the future.

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