Category Therapy Lite gives the individual the ability to trial different features of the app before purchasing it. Category Therapy Lite is a professional speech therapy app that helps individuals with language disorders due to stroke, brain injury, or developmental disorders improve their ability to organize and improve categorization abilities. The photographs are clear and concrete as well as familiar with a variety of ages and different cultural backgrounds.

Category Therapy encourages re-learning categorization skills by providing the user with the opportunity to learn with an app that is evidenced based, visually appealing, and functional for daily life. This app includes four exercises; Find, Classify, Exclude and Add one. There are three levels of difficulty including concrete, subcategories and abstract. Category Therapy app is designed to help individuals build their skills from simple to increase in complexity as they build their skills. Learning categories more consistently can help an individual understand their world better and function with more ease in a variety of contexts. For example, in the supermarket, we use our categorization skills to find the food that we want. What other contexts do we use our categorization skills?

Using Bluebee Pal during this activity can help make the app more motivating and engaging for a child. This app can be used for both therapy and assessment purposes.

  1. Connect your Bluebee Pal to your device. Choose the “find” icon and begin the app. With the lite version, you can see 1 item in 3 of the 23 concrete categories available in the full versions. This is consistent among all of the sections in the lite version. When the screen changes, Bluebee Pal will say “Find the _____”. The individual will then be asked to choose an item for that specific category out of a choose of 4.
  2. Under Classify, Bluebee Pal will say “Which category does this belong to?” There is one picture and the individual needs to choose between three different categories. This can be excellent therapy tool to help build and access a child’s categorization skills.
  3. Under Exclude, Bluebee Pal will say “Touch the one that doesn’t belong”. The child will be asked to touch the picture that doesn’t belong out of a choice of four.
  4. Under Add One, the Bluebee Pal will say “Touch the one that goes with the others” and the individual will have to add another noun to the other related photographs. For example, a picture of a wrench, screwdriver, and hammer are in one category with a question mark next to it. The user needs to choose “drill” out of a choice of three (other choices are elephant and soup).

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