CoughDrop is a simple, modern AAC communication and support tool that empowers individuals and the teams around them. It is a full-featured communication app built for individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Angelman syndrome, Rett syndrome, or other complex communication needs
The Cough Drop is an AAC app available for both Apple and Android devices. I originally learned about it after searching for specific apps available on Android and was impressed with the various features of the app. I loved that the app was cloud based so there are no issues with losing any saved work when programming. I also liked that when you edit a communication board on the computer within your user, the board is automatically updated on the other device.


Let’s discuss a fun and interactive activity to use Cough Drop with your Bluebee Pal.








Download the hospital board and play doctor with your Bluebee Pal. What happens when your Bluebee Pal gets sick? They need to communicate! With Cough Drop, you can download a variety of boards and for this specific activity, I downloaded the board “Hospital Rehab”. 

1. From my perspective the most ideal way to engage in this type of symbolic play would be to make BlueBee Pal the patient. The student can control the voice of the Bluebee Pal via Cough Drop via communicating phrases such as “I am feeling hot”, “my needs, please adjust my bed”. 

2. This can be an interesting activity to do with a student because they can experiment with various phrases and observe how you react to the specific phrases. For example, if BlueBee feels hot,, creating sentences, cause and effect with regard to specific symptoms, emotions, actions, improved navigation, etc.


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