Pictello AppCreate a social story with Pictello and make Bluebee Pal the reader of the story! Pictello is a versatile app that can be used to create stories with using photos, short video clips and text. This app has the ability to use both synthesized and digitized speech. The app also gives you the ability to share easily with others is user friendly to set up. Pictello also has the option to use many different language and accents which can be an excellent feature for many individuals.

When creating a story, choose between Wizard or Expert depending on how much support you need. Name your story and then choose your voice, transition feature and filling out the “About Me” section.

KIDS1. Stories can be created to target specific goals, work on specific targeted behavior and improve social skills. Social stories are also an excellent to learn sequencing, expand language and help recall information.
2. After creating the idea for your story, start adding the pictures or videos and then writing the text for your story. With the settings button, you have the flexibility to modify many features in the story to optimize the experience for the child.
3. Bluebee Pal can be a perfect partner to this app because it can read the story to a class, other peers or to the child themselves. With Bluebee Pal, a child can take the social story to the next level in therapy, in the classroom or at home.

*Bluebee Pals
Voice to a Non-Verbal Child* Povides Sensory Input * Facilitates Social Skills* Pretend Play and Imaginative Play* Communication skills* Providing Positive Reinforcement *Emotional Connection.

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