A Day in the Market (Araw sa Palengke) is about a little girl’s very first trip to the market with her mother. The market is an exciting cultural adventure as she meets lively vendors, see a variety of foods and items and finds a special item that she wants! To find out what this special thing is, you can download this app for free and read the storybook. For an additional $2.99, you get access to the book in two other languages, a sorting game and interactive scenes that bring the book to life.


Help your child learn about different cultures through storytelling with this book and Bluebee Pal as your storyteller! Do you want to expose your child to other languages? With the in-app purchase, your child can listen to the book in Filipino and Japanese. This app was also kid tested according to the company. The story and illustrations were tested with more than a hundred schoolchildren who gave their feedback and thoughts about the story and art.


  1. To access this story, connect your Bluebee Pal with your device. Open to the first page and activate the button, “Story”. Once the story begins, your child will be able to listen to the story with Bluebee as their storyteller! With Bluebee reading the book, the experience can be more engaging and multidimensional. It can also help improve joint attention.
  2. I like this app because you have to hear the whole page read to you before moving on to the next page. Many students can just stroll through the book quickly without listening to the whole page. This can make the experience of reading this book less distracting and more engaging.
  3. With the in-app purchase, you can select scene selection that takes the reader through various interactive scenes that the child listens to the story but also gets to activate various people and items in the scenes. For example, when on the second scene in the scene selection, you can activate the noise of the pig by tapping the pig. Get the girl to shake her baton by tapping on it, etc.

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