endless alphabet appKids will have a blast learning their ABC’s and building vocabulary with the adorable monsters in Endless Alphabet. Each word features an interactive puzzle game with talking letters and a short animation illustrating the definition. Before you know it, your child will be using words like gargantuan and cooperate! Encourage your child to improve their literacy, spelling and vocabulary skills with Endless Alphabet App. Endless Alphabet app is an engaging and educational app that will help your child learn and have fun at the same time.

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As your child opens the Endless Alphabet App, they can swipe through up to 70 choices of words to explore. After the child chooses their target word, the app opens up to the word without the colored letters in place. The child is then required to match the colored letter with the outline of the word. As the child chooses each letter, they listen to the phonemic cue as it’s moving across the screen and then hear the name of the letter once it’s appropriately placed.

  1. After the full word is in place, the silly and engaging characters act out the word. After the short action video, the word is defined by the narrator. This process of learning each word is an excellent way to teach a child vocabulary because it is a multisensory approach. All of these interesting and complex words can help expand a child’s vocabulary immensely (e.g. demolish, cooperate, etc.).
  2. This app is ideal for using with Bluebee Pal because it can provide a supplemental component to help build a child’s skills. Use your Bluebee Pal to act out the word! For example, with the word “demolish”, have your Bluebee Pal demolish a nearby Lego tower. For the word “dizzy”, have your Bluebee Pal spin in a circle and then fall. Using your Bluebee Pal to further your child knowledge of sounds, spelling and language can help incorporate this rich vocabulary into your child’s lexicon. Endless Alphabet app does not have any built in rewards system because the game itself is the motivator!

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