Five Sharks SwimmingFive Sharks Swimming by Inclusive Technology Inc. is a fun and interactive game that can help teach a child the concept of cause effect, counting, rhyming and taking turns. The game includes counting songs, counting up activities, number line activities, printable lyrics and a range of access options for those children using direct selection or indirect selection (scanning). This app can be used as a training tool for those children who are emerging communicators or young children ages 1-3.


Try this activity!

  1. When you open the app, the student will choose between the song, Activity 1 (counting up) and Activity 2 (Counting Along). With the “song” option, the child will be able hear the song “Five Shark Swimming in the Pond”. It will then prompt you after each shark to activate the play button. With Bluebee Pal singing, the child will be motivated to keep requesting more verses to the song.
  2. Each counting activity helps a child learn specific skills related to counting and learning numbers 1-5. Bluebee Pal can bring these activities to life and make the app even more engaging for individuals with complex communication needs. This app can also be fun for younger children ages 2 and up.
  3. Try the app, Five Brown Teddies and use your Bluebee Pal Teddy! Watching the Teddies on the screen with Bluebee Pal Teddy singing the song can make this activity a real success for children.

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