Clicker CommunicatorClicker communicator is an AAC app developed by Crick Software. It includes three comprehensive vocabulary page sets with core and fringe vocabulary. All of these page sets include the same topics to optimize motor learning. The consistent topics and color coding can help facilitate a child from transitioning from one page set another. There are three versions of the app including Widgit, PCS and Symbol Stix. There is also an extensive library of 2500 curriculum pictures to support classroom use.

Try this activity!
1. Introduce the student to the Guessing Game. The object of the game to guess what the other person is thinking of. This can be made simpler and more concrete by using a set of cards with pictures on it. This can include photos of family, friends, magazine cut outs of favorite foods or any pictures of your choosing. Other flashcards with simple line drawings can also work well.
2. After connecting your Bluebee Pal, activate the folder “Chat”. Within “Chat” you can should access the “Clues” page. Team up with your student and their Bluebee Pal for an interactive activity with another student. This activity can be an excellent activity to model language and use a variety of core vocabulary. Ask your student to pick a card from the pile. Look at the item with your student and give modeling and prompts to help provide clues to the other person at the table who will be “guessing” the item. For example, if the child chooses a picture of another child in the class, the clue can be “It’s about friend”. Other pages can be accessed from that page such as “actions” and “describing”.
3. With the Bluebee Pal providing the clues, this can be a fun and interactive activity within the classroom. It can also help with turn taking, problem solving, asking questions and expanding vocabulary.

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