Summer is here and with the warm weather, what do you crave? Ice cream, ice pops and smoothies of course! Miumiu, the app’s little panda loves making ice cream, smoothies, and ice pops. The free app, Ice Cream, and Smoothies Panda Shop allow a child to manage their own shop and make their customers happy by customizing each order. The player will be able to choose your favorite shapes, fruits, and flavors with more than 10 choices. The animals in the app were engaging, fun and exciting for children. The interface is child-friendly and easy to use.


The app will also help a child learn specific flavors and different fruits which can help build vocabulary and learn the various foods within the category of fruit. Other categories include shapes, appliances and other food groups such as dairy (e.g. milk). It will also help with sequencing, following directions, prediction, categorization, and learning simple actions (cut, scoop, blend, eat, etc.). Make your creations even more special with sparkles, special rainbow juice or a cat decoration.


  1. Connect your Bluebee Pal with your device and let the summer recipes begin!
  2. Bluebee will help the child make their creations by providing the directions to the recipe (e.g. add the milk, put the fruit in the food processor, etc). Let Bluebee Pal be the teacher in this activity! Help the child recall specific steps in the recipe by asking questions and telling the child what they are doing (e.g. you are blending the smoothie, you are adding the sparkles).
  3. Bluebee will also provide sound effects which make the app even more fun and interactive! Sounds such as the ice pop freezing, the blender mixing all of the ingredients, pouring the ingredients and more!

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