Categories with Splingo is an excellent therapy tool from the authors of the Splingo series of Speech and Language Therapy apps. This app, which was created by speech and language pathologists uses colorful and engaging images with fun and interactive play to learn important category concepts. Categorization is important academically and also for more effective communication. This can be even more important for children with complex communication needs who rely on learning specific categories to communicate more efficiently. Multiple categories are available to select from including animals, transport, clothing, food, drink, toys, sports, musical instruments, furniture and body parts. The audio reinforcement helps children to focus and correct responses that are inaccurate. The written word can also be visible to help support reading comprehension.


  1. Connect your Bluebee Pal with your device via Bluetooth.
  2. Go to settings and choose the categories you want to target. You can choose all our some a select few of the categories to begin with and Splingo will track your progress.
  3. Once you hit “play”, you will hear Bluebee Pal say “put everything in the right place”. When you drag the item to the right category, you will hear positive audio reinforcement. When you drag a picture to the wrong category, you will hear “I’m sure that’s not right” or another cue that indicates that it’s the wrong category. With Bluebee Pal and the Categories with Splingo app, the user can learn functional categories and have fun in the process!

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