Language Lab: Core Words By Prentke Romich CompanyLanguage Lab: Core Words was created by Prentke Romich Company to help emergent communicators learn to use core word more functionally and fluently. The app includes the opportunity for users to learn, practice and then review important core words essential for communication. The icons for these core vocabulary words correspond with the Unity Language system which help children carryover these skills for communication with their app and/or dedicated communication device.

For emergent communicators, their communication is mostly one words that can represent a whole sentence. For example, the word “eat” can represent, “I want to eat now”. With this app, Bluebee Pal can bring these 15 core words to life. The core words include help, more, stop, go, eat, drink, make, play, sleep, work, read, don’t, no, stop and names.

1. Choose sptechnology in the classroomecific core words to work on with an individual during a therapy session, in the classroom and at home. The words stop, go help and more can be functionally and used in a variety of contexts to change and control a specific behavior. When the child activates the specific core word, there is a short video clip representing the concept of the word. With this app, you have the option of learning, practicing and then reviewing the core word.
2. To take this concept to the next level, act out the specific core words with Bluebee Pal. For example, after reviewing the core word “no”, act out offering something to Bluebee that he doesn’t like. Model the word “no” by activating it on the screen within the app and then show the Bluebee Pal refused the object by nodding his head and pushing it away. This can also be done with many other core words such as sleep, play, read and work. Adding the extra dimension of using Bluebee Pal can help a child learn these core words on a more abstract level.



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