Comparative adjectives by Grasshopper Apps can be an excellent tool with Bluebee Pals to use during therapy activities or at home to reinforce descriptive concepts. This app includes clear and familiar photographs that can help children learn adjectives such as angry, beautiful, big, cheap, cheerful, colorful and much more.

The app include over 350 examples and is easy to use for both parents and children. You can also customize the app by recording someone else’s voice. This can help encourage a child to participate more and have increased engagement. Additionally, when the child chooses the wrong answer, it does not interfere with game play. Within the app, you also have the ability to customize which adjectives you want to work on by turning examples on and off. You can also display a hint and customize the game sounds. The field of pictures also alternates from two to three, which can benefit many students who tend to select a picture in the same location.

Try this activity with your Bluebee Pal Pro:

  1. Connect your Bluebee Pal via Bluetooth. Choose which adjectives you want to target by selecting the settings icon. There are so many to choose from!
  2. Let Bluebee Pal do all of the work by giving the instructions to your child! Do you want to change the voice? Record your own voice or another family member or friend to increase engagement. This will make using Bluebee even more engaging. Hearing a familiar voice through a tool such as Bluebee Pal can make the game more fun and interactive.
  3. This app can be used for therapy goals as well as assessment. As the child is playing the game, take data so that you can see improvement over time and track the descriptive words that are known and unknown. After the child has finished with these target adjectives, use these words in conversation or a structured play session so that they carry them over into their lexicon. Using these words for motivating tasks can make learning these concepts even quicker (e.g. during snack time, “Do you want the big piece of cookie or the small piece of cookie?)

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