For a young child, learning animal and vehicle sounds can be fun and interactive. This free app, I Hear Ewe by Claireware Software is a simple and user-friendly game including 24 different animal sounds and 12 different vehicle sounds. When the child taps on the picture, the verbal prompt announces the type of animal or vehicle which helps build receptive and expressive vocabulary.


Then, the recording of the sound is played. You can use this app in several different languages including English, Spanish, German and Chinese and the verbal descriptions can be turned on and off in the settings. I Hear Ewe is an educational app that can help introduce your child to different animals and vehicles in a fun and errorless manner which can be excellent for children with a low frustration level.

  1. Connect your Bluebee Pal. Bluebee will be part of the fun with I Hear Ewe by giving the verbal descriptions of each sound and making the sound of the animal or vehicle. Children will love hearing Bluebee Pal sound like a cow!
  2. To make this more of a game with your child, take the lead as the adult by tapping on the picture without showing it to your child and turn off the verbal descriptions. Ask your child, “What animal did you hear?” or “What vehicle did you hear?” Take turns and play in a group!
  3. Help your child learn the two categories of animals and vehicles by placing two pictures on a table. One with a group of animals and one with a group of vehicles. After each sound, ask your child to tap into the correct category. To access these pictures, you can search online or use a program such as Boardmaker Online to create the pictures. You can also draw the pictures if you don’t have access to the printing out category pictures. To expand on this, ask your child to discuss the similarities and differences between the animals such as “How are a cow and pig alike?”, “What is the difference between a car and a bus?” Give your child prompts as needed and use visuals to help aid in comprehension.



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