Letter School App

Letter school is an app that can help your child write the letters of the alphabet. This app can make handwriting easier by providing the child with motivating and supportive stimuli with appropriate cues. For each letter, your child will learn the letter name, sound and a word that it begins with. Tap, Trace, and Name each letter when using Letter School.

The app also includes lowercase letters and numbers 1-10. The app can also help with eye hand coordination and can help build a foundation for literacy and numeracy.

  1. Letter school is the perfect companion for your Bluebee Pal. Let your Bluebee provide the auditory cues while the app can provide all of the visual cues. An excellent game to target specific letters is to use picture or letter cards for this suggested game. Choose a card with a familiar picture on it and have your child on floor with ipadBluebee hold the card. For example, give your Bluebee a picture of an apple. Ask your student or child to guess the beginning letter of the word “apple”. They can then choose the letter on Letter School and experience the various approaches to learn the letter “A”.
  2. If the child needs the extra cues, write the letter or word on the flashcard. This suggested game can be done in a variety of ways (e.g. ending letter, middle sound, etc.). You can also use letter flashcards to teach a child the corresponding lower and capital letters (e.g. show the child a lowercase I and have them choose the capital). To make this a more complex language task, provide the child with a more complex picture (e.g. action pictures, category pictures,emotions, etc.).

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