Imagistory is an inventive and creative app that brings wordless books to life. After recording the book, attach your Bluebee Pal for a fun and inventive way of storytelling.

Imagistory is created for children ages 3 and up and gives children the opportunity to be creative with their storytelling and narrative skills. The stories that are created by the app can be recorded and saved so you can listen to them again later and share them family members, the staff at a school, etc.


This app helps facilitate a child’s imagination and provides an opportunity to target specific narrative and sequencing skills. The free app comes with two stories with the option of buying an additional four stories at two dollars each. There is also another app created to be used within the school setting available here (
Try this activity!
1. Download and choose a wordless book. There are two to choose from that are free of charge.
2. Ask your child/student to look at each picture and create their own lines for the story to be recorded. If your child uses an AAC communication device, create the sentences before and then read them aloud as the pictures appear on the screen. To record these sentences efficiently, store each message in a button so the child can press the button each time the picture appears.
3. Attach your Bluebee Pal and make the story interactive! For an interesting activity in the classroom, allow each student to create their own story with the free app. This will give the students an opportunity to hear all different versions of the story with Bluebee Pal as the narrator.

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