One More Story is an app that I have used with students for years in order to help improve cause and effect, vocabulary, literacy and auditory comprehension. With this subscription based app, you can access over 76 books including Pete’s a Pizza, Bear books (Barefoot Books), Mouse Paint and much more.




With each book, the story is read to the individual with a voice that varies in intonation and matches the mood of the story. The story is also accompanied by background music that helps to keeps the student’s focus.

Introduce the app to your student. Ask them to choose a book of their choice. The books are categorized by color and evenly spaced out to avoid any visual overstimulation. Once the child chooses the book, let Bluebee Pal read the story. With the combination of One More Story and BlueBee Pal, the story comes to life!

After BlueBee Pal “reads” the book, ask the child specific questions about the book and encourage comments. Use other prompts such as fill in the blank statements such as “Bear is going to the ______”.


Within each story there is also a list of vocabulary words to focus on which can be an excellent guide for parents, therapists and teachers. When you touch the vocabulary word, a definition pops up, which can help a child learn more specific vocabulary.



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