The PECS Phase III app is an excellent and valuable AAC tool that allows an individual to implement the teaching of Phase III of PECS™ with the added bonus of using a dynamic screen. This app is ideal for individuals who are using a PECS book and are using this app to further their discrimination skills for a desired item.
The app, which emulates a PECS™ communication book allows an educator or caregiver to practice discriminating between pictures with the added feature of creating many users. The app is set up so that each icon can edited and given specific features to teach discrimination. You can also import your own photos into the app. After being set up appropriately, when an individual activates a specific icon that is not correct, there will be no feedback. When the correct picture is chosen, there will be verbal feedback.

The app allows you to edit many different features of each button including the field and size of pictures on each page. The app allows you to move the pictures around on the page, between trials and to vary the number of pictures per trial from 2 to 12. There is also additional information included in the app about how to use a correspondence check and access the settings, features, etc.

1. Choose your symbols for the specific task. For example, if the student desires a cookie, create a page with the field of pictures that are appropriate.
2. With your Bluebee Pal connected, the individual can request specific items and improve their discrimination tasks.
3. To make this activity more abstract, discuss what Bluebee wants before requesting. Maybe Bluebee is hungry and wants something to eat. Encourage your child to request the desired item when engaging with others during a communication task (e.g. playing kitchen). This activity will not only help with discrimination but also problem solving, prediction, and symbolic play.

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