Elmo Calls is a fun and interactive app for young children that are just learning how to make phone calls. This app, which is priced at $1.99, is endless fun for Elmo lovers! The conversations with Elmo can help teach your child about healthy habits, self-confidence, and letters. Included in the app is a parent section for accessing, favoriting, scheduling and adding calls. With this app, your child can pick up the phone, receive video calls, audio calls and get a voicemail from Elmo. Your child can even call Elmo themselves! Once you tap “yes” to allowing the app permission to access the video, your child can see themselves in a video chat with Elmo. The free and in-app purchases include scripts and routines that can be helpful for typical kids as well as children with special needs.

This app can help engage a child in more exploratory play, practice listening skills and sing along with Elmo. Your child can also learn early skills in having a simple phone conversation by practicing with their favorite character. With the original purchase, the pack includes 13 calls for you and your child to enjoy right away! Additional call packs for purchase include Firsts and Celebrations, Elmo is Proud of You, Feelings, ABCs, Special Visits, Holidays, You can Do it, Sing with Elmo, Happy Habits, Laugh with Elmo and Playdate with Elmo (which is free).


Invite Bluebee Pal to make phone calls with you! There are several different options for this app and Bluebee Pal. I will mention a couple of different ways of incorporating Bluebee Pal.

Once Bluebee is connected to the device with this app, he will take on the voice of Elmo. How silly of Bluebee to have Elmo’s voice! This can help engage a child and stay focused on hearing Elmo’s voice coming out of Bluebee Pal’s mouth.

  1. Let Bluebee speak to Elmo! With this option, you would need an additional iPad with a communication app installed. When it’s time to video chat, take a video of Bluebee Pal and with the communication app installed on the additional iPad (with the Bluebee Pal attached via Bluetooth), Bluebee can provide the voice for the various conversations. How exciting to see Elmo and Bluebee having a conversation!
  2. Having a fun and engaging conversation with Elmo can help improve a child’s ability to take turns in conversation, answer questions, comment and greet. With the additional in-app purchase of more conversations, the possibilities are endless for a young child and Bluebee!

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