Playing Bingo with CommunicAide App CommunicAide is a communication app originally created for individuals with Aphasia and other language disorders. CommunicAide combines real photographs with frequent sentence starters to help individuals communicate more effectively.


The user has the ability to create novel utterances by combining specific phrases with a photograph in order to communicate more effectively with others. The app is user-friendly and flexible. Although I have used this app historically with adults with Aphasia, I love finding different ways to use specific apps with all different populations because everyone is an individual!

Try this activity!
1. Create a Bingo Game with the following categories: Food, Recreation, Health, Clothing, Daily Living, and Emotions. Create cards for each category (e.g. pictures of chicken, coffee, cereal, cookies, etc. for food). If you would like to use the same photographs as the pictures in CommuniciAide, then take some screenshots to capture the image so it can be emailed and printed out or air printed.
2. Have the child choose a card. Prompt or model for them to create sentences such as “I have banana”, “I have tv”, etc. This will help them categorize and navigate appropriately to the different categories.
3. Playing this game with Bluebee Pal will make it more engaging and can help with a variety of language goals. This game can be done in both the home and school environment. Within the classroom, the Bingo Board can be displayed on the smart board and each child can take turns picking the cards for the Bingo Game.

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