DIrty Duds

The adapted play book Dirty Duds is an app created by speech language pathologist, Pati King DeBaun. Pati is an AAC specialist for over 25 years that has created a series of apps that are ideal for children with cognitive and physical disabilities.


Dirty Duds is a therapy app that can be accessed via direction selection or via scanning with a switch. Dirty Duds is an all-inclusive learning opportunity that gives a child the opportunity to read, explore, learn and sing about Dirty Duds. Dirty Duds is the fourth book in this interactive series created for children with varying disabilities.

After connecting your Bluebee Pal, select the read button and allow the child to listen to the Dirty Duds story. Help the child initiate the turning of the page by directly selecting the arrow button or using a switch for scanning if that is their access method. With the repetitive lines and engaging text, a child will love this activity during a therapy session or with a parent at home as a carryover activity. Children can also learn about clothing and washing clothes during various opportunities.

1. The app also has the bonus of “learning” to help a child listen to directions, learn vocabulary and improve phonemic awareness.

2. Finally, your Bluebee Pal will come to life when singing the song for Dirty Duds at the end. Since there is no set order for selecting specific activities, the child can has the ability to select which option that would like to do first or several times if they desire (e.g. a child can “sing” the song several times).

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