Sounding Board is a free AAC app with preloaded boards for communication. SoundingBoard is a mobile augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app from AbleNet designed for teachers, parents, and caregivers of non-verbal students and persons with speech disabilities.

The app provides pre-loaded communication boards — symbols with recorded messages — and a simple platform for creating new ones. Students select and press messages to verbally communication during all phases of home life, learning, and daily peer interaction. SoundingBoard is also the first AAC mobile app to incorporate scanning switch access, extending use to those who cannot touch the screen. SoundingBoard works with iPhone 3GS and 4, iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation), and all iPad iterations.


1.In your therapy session, set up a play cash register, a couple of play food items (check what items are available on the shopping board) and some fake money. If you don’t have those objects, print out some photographs to represent the objects.
2. Make your Bluebee Pal the customer and the therapist can be the cashier. With Sounding Board, Bluebee can ask questions such as, (e.g. “Where is the …….?”), “How much?”, “Have more?”, “Excuse Me”, “Can you help me?” and “Thank you!”
This activity can help a child to engage in symbolic play, practice a community skill, request items, ask questions, gain attention and use appropriate social greetings such as Thank you. Taking turns within this activity can also be a therapeutic activity within itself.

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