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Spoken – Tap to Talk AAC

Are you looking for a free text to speech app that pairs with Bluebee Pal?

Check out this free AAC app that can used for a variety of conditions including aphasia, autism, and other speech and language disorders. It’s a unique text to speech app that predicts the words you want next. You build real sentences quickly on your iPad or iPhone the app will speak it automatically. When you download this free app, you get a specific amount of premium words to use (495 words) for the trial period. Within the app, there is also the ability to use a qwerty keyboard and access quick phrases that can be edited and modified. If you want to continue with the premium features, there is an option for a subscription which is $12.99 per month or $99.00 per year. However, the app can be used without the premium features and can be excellent for trial purposes and short term use of AAC (e.g. hospital, nursing home, etc.). 

In addition, within the app is the ability to choose your own voice, and personalize the predictions which are very nice features for a free app! Other features include using large print, dark mode, and modifying the keyboard for quicker communication. Spoken also has the option to “predict using my past speech” which can also increase the speed of communication.

Within the feature words, are additional visuals which can be helpful to recognize text. These visuals are discrete and provide visual cues. 

To learn more about this app, check it out here.

Pairing Bluebee Pal with Spoken Tap to Talk AAC

Literacy and language development is an ongoing goal for all children. The more our children use text within a meaningful way, the more their literacy skills will improve.

Here are  activities to practice with Bluebee Pal and Spoken Tap to Talk AAC

Practicing Conversation

Use this app to have a short conversation about your day. Start off with greetings and then use the predictive language to ask questions about the day. Take turns with your child and work on creating grammatically correct sentences by using predictive text. Using this app can help build sentences and also help teach syntax and grammar. 

Practice Asking Questions

The third and fourth row contain question words such as What, How, When, Who, Why and Where. Use these question words and the predictive text to ask questions such as “What are we doing tomorrow?” I like this app because it requires very little navigation and can help children learn how to build sentences that are grammatically correct. 

Change the voice of Bluebee Pal and Comment

With the variety of voices available, Bluebee Pal can have so many voices! Go through the different voices, try them out and then make a comment. Does your child like that voice or want a different one? 




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