predictablePredictable is a text based AAC app that gives an individual access to a text to speech feature of a keyboard, with quick phrases, emote and access to communication with the app with regards to email, social media and text messaging. With Predictable, an individual can use the setting button to change various features within the app to help optimize the app such as changing specific colors and text on the keyboard, choosing a voice, varying word prediction, changing the layout, and using the history or alert message if necessary.

One of the interesting features about Predictable is the emote option on the main page. When you open up this page, it gives you 9 choices of varying expressions and sounds including a person surprised, laughing, coughing, whistle, yawn, coughing, kissing and expressing pleasure when eating by saying “mmm”.

Unknown1. Let Bluebee Pal help the student learn to use these expressions appropriately by engaging in this suggested game. For example, pretend to have a tea party and offer the Bluebee a cookie. What will Bluebee say? The most appropriate response would be “mmm”. How about if Bluebee is sick? A cough or a yawn would be expected.
2. Pretend Bluebee is tired and then prompt the child to activate the correct expression of yawning. To practice laughing, tell a joke and see how Bluebee reacts. Will he be tired or laugh? Once these emotes are learned, an individual can begin using them functionally for communication.

*Bluebee Pals
Voice to a Non-Verbal Child* Povides Sensory Input * Facilitates Social Skills* Pretend Play and Imaginative Play* Communication skills* Providing Positive Reinforcement *Emotional Connection.


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