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Teach your child emotions!

Do you want to help teach your child emotions and nonverbal communication? Touch and Learn Emotions App is a wonderful app for just $1.99 that can help your child interpret facial expressions and learn emotions. The app user friendly and easy to customize for any child. Features include being able to turn individual concepts on and off so you can work on introducing new emotions one at a time. It’s appropriate for a variety of ages from younger to older children. The app also gives the user the ability to add new concepts such as actions in one click.

The app includes 100 photos and when wrong answers are chosen, the gameplay is not interfered. It’s simple in nature and stays with the same template which is ideal for motor planning. 

Be creative with this app! In the setting section, you have the ability to turn the sound on/off, label on/off, or use animated transitions. There is an option to “select concepts to play” so that specific emotions can be targeted one at a time. Within the settings, you can customize pictures and concepts. This app is very versatile and both parent and child friendly.

How to Use with Bluebee Pal

  1. Connect Bluebee Pal with your preferred device.
  2. Once connected, Bluebee Pal can help your child learn emotions by giving the directive by saying the emotion (e.g. sad). After you choose the correct picture, Bluebee will give your child positive feedback such as “Good work!”
  3. When the wrong item is selected, a short sound will activate and the page will not move until the correct picture is chosen.
  4. Once customized, Bluebee can help your child target other concepts such as actions. Act out emotions with Bluebee such as raising his arms and jumping for “excited” and laying Bluebee Pal down for “tired”. 

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