Verbally is a free AAC app that can give an individual access to a text to speech keyboard, key words and key phrases. Verbally is excellent in teaching text to speech communication for those that can spell for communication with the added features of rate enhancement (e.g. word prediction, quick phrases, etc.). 
There are an infinite amount of ways to use this app with Bluebee Pals. Here are suggestions of using Verbally !


Practice Literacy! Are you working on phonemic awareness? How about initial or final sounds? For this activity, hold up a picture card and ask the child, “What does cat start with?” With Verbally, they can choose the target initial or final letter. Try a phonemic awareness exercise! Ask,“What rhymes with man?” child chooses “can.” Having Bluebee Pal answer the
questions and participate makes the activity more motivating and engaging!
 Practice basic conversation using the key phrase page.
With the upgrade, you can have the ability to program and organize your favorite phrases. With the free version, use the already loaded key phrases. Try practicing initiating a conversation! Encouraging the child to find the words “Hello,” “How are you?”, “How was your
day?” can be an excellent exercise for initiating conversation and improving literacy.
Spelling Bee! Practice spelling with your child by having
Bluebee participate! Say a word out loud and ask your child to spell the word. Another way of practicing spelling is by giving your child a visual cue and asking them to spell the word (e.g. hold up a picture of a cat,the child will spell cat). 


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