SymbolSupport AppSymbolSupport App is an editing program that allows you to add symbols to your text, while SymbolReader is a free app that displays these symbolized documents. Both apps read the documents with a high-quality text-to-speech voice and word-by-word highlighting. The apps are compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

SymbolSupport is a super easy way to add symbols and speech to text. Documents can be read with a high quality text-to-speech voice while text is highlighted word by word. This app is intended to help learners with an intellectual disability or autism access important information like class assignments, step-by-step instructions, and social stories. Documents created in SymbolSupport can also be read with the free SymbolReader app. These apps can be used on an iPad, iPod, or iPhone. SymbolSupport can connect with 15 devices simultaneously via Wi-Fi, allowing quick and easy transfer of the documents you’ve created. You can also email your symbolized documents as images or PDFs.

Writing can be challenging for many children, specifically those with cognitive and/or physical disabilities. However, storytelling is an intricate part of pragmatic language with both peers and adults.

1. Getting your Bluebee Pal to participate during this activity can make it a fun and engaging activity. Create a new document and start writing a story.
2. The story can be written by the child and typed directly on the iPad as Bluebee says the words, or a child can communicate the story to the therapist and the therapist can type it up.

Either way, when the story is complete, the document can be read aloud by Bluebee Pal, emailed and shared as a document, photo or pdf.

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