400x40000bbMoona Apps’ A Parcel of Courage by Mariya Stavinskayais an uplifting interactive storybook about empathy and demonstrates how to give others the love and support they need to overcome obstacles. A family separated over many miles from their beloved Granny wish to help her work with her fear of flying so that they can see her. They devise a scheme to make her “Courage Cookies” and immediately set about making them. Touched by her grandchildren’s request and love, the family reunites. Interactive features are spaced throughout the app to help place kids in the story and be a part of the family too. Artwork for A Parcel of Courage is stunning and has a nostalgic feel to it.

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The activities take advantage of the iPad’s gyroscope, camera, and the ability for children to revisit favorite pages and activities. There are a number of games to play separately from the book that encourages replay. The games are initially intended to be played with your child so that you can be there for support and help – you can even pretend to ask Bluebee for advice! Games include a counting game, a pattern game, a Tetris type suitcase packing game, and a design copy game. I love how each of the activities from the book and the games facilitates visual motor skills, logical thinking, and memory.

Bluebee is grand at reading the book and gently demonstrates how love and support can help anyone overcome anxiety or fears with his hugs and kisses. A Parcel of Courage is available on iOS, Amazon, and Google Play.

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