Dinosaur Train Classic in the Jurassic, Jr. by PBS KIDS is a bilingual (Spanish/English) app that teaches spatial relationship skills of matching/sorting, comparing, and measuring. These skills are the foundation for future math skills and scientific inquiry. Dinosaur Train has been a longstanding favorite for kids everywhere, and this app is a favorite of preschoolers. Buddy, the lead character, and friends are in town to help Troodon Town get ready for the Classic in the Jurassic Games. Helping to build housing, bridges, and serve tasty Dinosaur treats are just part of the fun. There are 4 activities and a sticker book that is used as both a reinforcer and for some creative sandbox play. Once kids have mastered the activities, try it in another language to associate familiar concepts while soaking in the rhythm and nuance of hearing it in another tongue.

  • All-Star Sorting promotes visual scanning and discrimination in a vertical plane. The vertical plane or the concept of up and down is one of the first spatial constructs that kids understand. It is also the first stroke that children use when learning how to write. In it, kids place dinosaurs into houses and must judge graduated size. Once the sequence has been set correctly, The Dino’s can go into their huts for a much-needed nap.
  • In Chow Time kids are challenged to balance a scale to feed the hungry workers. Here, big Dinos eat a lot of food, and little ones consume smaller portions. This is a great activity for the everyday routine of learning how to spoon food onto your plate. It is the beginning of learning portion control and presented in a fun and entertaining way.
  • Bridge Builder promotes the measurement of distance or horizontal markings to build a bridge for the Dino’s to cross and meet up with their friends. By presenting the opportunity to drag your finger from left to right kids learn the sequence of beginning counting and numeracy.
  • Track Stars uses shapes in a tangram-like style to build trains. Once done, kids then apply their newly found shape recognition skills to decorate their trains. One cool feature is that you can place the Dinos on the train or take a photo of yourself to ride the train too!
  • The Sticker Book rewards children for their accomplishments in the 4 games. Kids can also access it for free play, take a photo, print it or send it off to Grandma.

With Bluebee paired with the app and being the one giving the direction for play, he serves a supportive bridge to learning. Friends and the companionship they bring, always urge you to be your best.

For Bluebee to interact with the Dinosaur Train Classic in the Jurassic Jr., follow these steps from HOW IT WORKS on the Home Page of the Bluebee Pals Website.

Pairing Bluebee with your Bluetooth® Device

  • Keep Bluebee Pals and your device within 3ft of each other when pairing.
  • Power on – Open the back panel of Bluebee Pals and slide the Power Switch (1) to ON position. Your Bluebee will say “My name is Bluebee. Please pair and connect me using the Bluetooth® located on your device”.
  • Go to “Settings” on your device, turn on the Bluetooth® function, and search for “Bluebee Pals”.
  • If the pairing is successful, your Bluebee will say “Connection succeeded”.
  • If Bluebee cannot find a device in two minutes, it will say “No one is here, please try again”. Please check your device to make sure it is not connecting to other Bluetooth® equipment.
  • NOTE: Bluebee Pals can only connect with one Bluetooth® device at a time.
  • Bluebee will go into sleep mode if there is no signal for five minutes. Just turn the power OFF and ON, and repeat the connection process.
  • Bluebee remembers the last connected device and will reconnect automatically.

Bluebee will now play with the paired app. Enjoy!!!

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