400x40000bbCubic Frog’s Preschool EduKitty is a fun app for learning to listen and then follow directions. It teaches kids how to not only to look to others for information but also based on their ability to process and recall, follow through with sequencing directives and then taking action. This is one of the hardest accomplishments to achieve for young children as up till about 2, all of their needs are met on demand. AND now, demands are being placed on them! It is a struggle for most kids to juggle input from multiple sources and then to filter out what’s pertinent. It’s something all parents and teachers need to be aware of when asking a child to perform. The terrible twos are not just a stage but happen frequently when tables have turned for a personal call to action by another – parent or teacher, and the lack of control of the input is too much both to process and proceed. Playing a game such as this with Bluebee softens that reality with a gentle…”We can do it” attitude. In the midst of comradery, Bluebee helps children listen and do because they do it img_4038TOGETHER. With Bluebee, you are never alone, and that makes all things accomplishable.

In Preschool EduKitty, selecting the correct answer from a series of 3 probes, kids will receive a virtual sticker to place on a page where their prizes are stored. Preschool EduKitty covers spatial or positional sense: big/little, top/bottom, left/right. In addition, it includes letter recognition, matching and sorting activities with visual and auditory choices – such as same/different with shapes, color, sound, and the alphabet. There is a lot to this app, and it is an all inclusive curriculum for preschoolers. As Bluebee is reading the directive, it is not so anxiety producing and children can act and answer questions.  The graphics are bright and cheerful, popping off the page with a 3D effect. A Kitty sits atop a slide to let you know if you are on the right track by sailing down to the ground. Your Bluebee is always a friend that supports your child or student in learning. Cubic Frog Apps are available on almost all platforms and can be found on the iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and are available for the Nook too.

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