Musical Me! by Duck Duck Moose is the just right app for helping little ones to begin to discriminate sound and serves as an enhancement to language acquisition. In Musical Me, kids learn about the nuances of rhythm and pitch and have the opportunity to practice their skills with playing with instruments and experimenting with notes on a scale. Inside Musical Me

Inside Musical Me!

Five activities await on opening the app. The first is listening to familiar children’s songs and moving the characters on the screen to dance. Pairing listening with refining the ability to point or tap on a target is an important skill in both retaining direction and motor planning. The app doesn’t concern itself with precision at this point and kids will most probably begin by swatting and gradually grade their ability to isolate their digits with practice. I adore how the dancing animals dance as toddlers – perfectly imitating and displaying a toddler’s movements. This makes for an instant ability to relate to the content of the app. Next up, is learning about rhythm. By experimenting with the rhythms to the songs just listened to in the dance section, kids learn how different songs can sound based on rhythm. This skill will transfer to both fine and gross motor skills by giving kids the chance to play with the syncopation of sound and thereby learn about controlling and refining movement. Next up, is a memory game with sounds, and here kids must listen closely to repeat the patterns. The fourth game of “Notes” is a favorite with the little ones I see. It is a musical sandbox where kids can play and/or create their own melodies. Rounding out this already robust app is a happy place where kids can play instruments – and get a jam session off in silly fun.

In Summary

Duck Duck Moose has recently partnered with the Khan Academy and believe in unrestricted educational resources for children everywhere. Their apps are of the highest quality and are now free of charge. In times of bottom lines and profit margins, this is an incredible gift and displays a vision for the future and ensuring that all kids have an equal playing field. Most apps are available on both iOS and Google Play, however Musical Me! is currently only available on iOS. Their apps are not only highly recommended, but also I want to acknowledge my own personal gratefulness to both the Khan Academy and Duck Duck Moose for their generosity and belief in children.

P.S. Bluebee LOVES to sing!

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