I use Writing Wizard App by L’Escapadou every day, largely because of the settings that allow the app to be tailored to the needs of a specific child and it’s highly reinforcing content that keeps kids engaged.

Writing In the App

On opening, select where to begin – prewriting exercises, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, beginning sight words or a list of words that you create. I usually start with adding a child’s name to the list, so they can see and practice writing their name. Bluebee sounds out the name of letters numbers and any recordings for words that you may have made. What rocks are the settings that are conveniently placed on the main screen, keeping little fingers on task while in the app. In settings is where you can tailor the parameters of letter or number size, the degree of accuracy when following a pathway, and whether to show or hide the model which allows you to fade the prompts as a child gains competency. One of the nicest features is the ability to record your voice with letter pronunciation( play your voice through Bluebee Pa) which not only adapts the app to a regional dialect but also trains the ear in learning to follow direction. Sounds, music, and the choice of seven languages can also be adjusted in the settings. This app makes the transition from forming letters and then connecting those letters to structure words all in one app.

The fun begins when giving a child a choice of using colored pencils or the fun animated stickers. Kid’s never got tired of switching back and forth, and love to predict what sticker will come up next. When playing with the stickers, you can shake or tilt your device and watch them fall away. Half of the fun is then to rebuild the letter…and there you have it – the focus of play is on the letter itself. Magnificent! This is the perfect app to begin using a stylus, as there are no extraneous visual or auditory clutter to distract focusing on just the right grasp.

The graphics are outstanding. Using the pale blue background is genius by creating a sense of space. It also keeps the visuals from being over stimulating by cutting down the glare as with an all-white background for example. There are 2 modes of play, the “free mode” and a more structured “5-star mode”. The data collection feature is superb, allowing you to view not only the tracings of an individual but their history as well, which make this a great tool to assess progress. L’Escapadou has always set the standard for quality in terms of educational value and well thought out apps that kids adore. This is an app that will grow with your child, adjusting challenges as needed. Writing Wizard is available on both Google Play and iOS. With Bluebee by your child’s side cheering them on, how great is that?

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