200x20000bbWeily Apps’ Moonlight Hide and Seek by Betsy Franco and illustrated by Tom Franco is a rare find in the app store. Combining Early Learning Math Concepts within a storybook, this book gives way to endless possibilities for choice making. AND that translates to repeat play and exploration because every reading is different. The book centers on a busy night in the country and uncovering all the denizens that are “out and about”. Choices include selecting an animal and then a number from 1-10. On the following page, kids view where some are out and about and try to discover where the others are hiding. As only a few of the animals are visible; kids must guess how many are hiding by tapping on the correct number button. Early adding and subtracting is a hands-on experience making the content more immediately relevant. Zero as a number is also introduced and displayed for deeper understanding through illustration. Interactivity like this is rarely seen where it is short and pertinent to the content of the book.

The narration is encouraging and supportive, and the illustrations are just delicious! Tip: make sure your cache is cleared of opened apps to get the most out of play.


Pairing this early math book with the Bluebee Pal is an absolutely wonderful experience! Hearing the narration read through Bluebee is gentle and most of all encouraging. This app contains the opportunity to teach counting using a 1:1 correspondence, simple adding and subtracting to 10, and learning about night animals and their habitats. It’s perfect for a cozy corner or as a beginning to a nighttime regime. Holding Bluebee tight and counting animals gives the perfect combination to let go of everyday stressors. Available on iOS and Google Play.


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