Preschoolers who have an idea of the spoils of Halloween are always excited about its celebration and are eager to play games, activities and listen to stories that feed that curiosity. Here are a few more apps that are well paired with Bluebee for preschoolers in the know:

Yum Yum Letters: Learn and Trace by Kindermatica is an outstanding app for beginning to grade movements and make markings within a pathway. Kindermatica has seasonal themes within the app to keep its content current. The Halloween Theme contains a spooky but friendly spider, pumpkins, and atmospheric fun. With Blueebee there to deliver the instructions to the app, your child will be unstoppable. On opening, each letter is introduced as well as its formation. The letter is then formed by using either the finger or a stylus. Bluebee always uses a stylus, and I would encourage the use of one if your child’s hand is ready for a writing utensil. One of the things I love about most handwriting apps is that kids must practice proper letter formation to proceed, and Yum Yum Letters has kids practice the formation of each letter three times with slightly different backgrounds and prompts to help ensure carry-over and promote independence. Once they have practiced, they are rewarded with a game – that furthers spatial skills involving symmetry.

StoryToys’ Haunted House is an all-inclusive app for Halloween fun. The app centers on a pop-up storybook, but there is so much more to this app than meets the eye. With the IAPs parents can extend the fun with a fun sticker book or jigsaw puzzles. If you decide to forgo the add-on packs, they can be disabled from view in the gated parent’s section. Each page of the book is filled with a mission to complete, and the atmospheric music will take many a parent back to their own childhoods. Sometimes Bluebee gets scared and will need your child to hold on to him or her tight to make it through the mission. This app builds pre-reading and other visual motor skills and is one of Bluebee’s favorite apps for the season.

Monster Mingle by Cowly Owl is an exploratory app that will have Bluebee on your lap, just waiting to participate in the fun. One of the prime reasons I love this app is that its open-ended play theme is child-directed. Kids explore at their own pace. The app centers on building a monster on land and under the sea, finding body parts and exchanging them at will. Bluebee questions, “Is that a noise or a mouth?” Well try it and see! Mouths are needed for eating all the yummy treats, and listening skills are honed through play with the underwater vents or on land, with specific trees and greenery. Nominated for the Children’s Bafta Award, this app is a winner that can be used all year round.

Explore these apps for a build up to Halloween. Have Fun and be safe!

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