My Mom’s the Best by Snappyant is based on the Australian book by Rosie Smith and Bruce Whatley (My Mum’s the Best). It is one of the most charming books written from a child’s viewpoint and dedicated to Mom’s everywhere. Read with Bluebee and your little one, it expresses all the love and joy of a mother and child’s relationship. This little book is meant for kids 5 and under and is perfectly designed to keep attention on the content. My Mom’s the Best centers on the many things a mother does to help her children grow and learn. The illustrations are portrayed in beautifully rendered detail. The narration is delivered in a professional manner with varied intonations of voice full of whimsy and fun.

Inside the App

On opening, the text is scrolled across the screen as it is read. It is kept short for very early learners to be able to process the content but also helps kids that are older begin to recognize words on a page. This is one book, that once read will quickly be a favorite – and I am sure memorized by both Mom and child in no time. What I truly love about this book is its accessibility. There is no extraneous clutter or sounds, and illustrations are true to the text. Each page depicts a mother animal and her child and includes native sounds of that animal’s environment. Pairing the sounds of nature helps kids self-calm and feel a sense of space. This will, in turn, facilitate focusing on the content.  Some of the illustrations are laugh-aloud funny and portray all the lengths that mothers do to ensure their young’s well-being. One of the favorite pages for kids and Moms are the pages where the mother Parrot teaches her baby to sing and the hula-hooping Hippos. If Bluebee reads to Mom and child, how wild would that be to act out all the things moms do?

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