Sesame Street by Sesame Street gives kids unlimited access to video clips and mini-games with all your favorite characters. Bluebee couldn’t have more fun with your child than this! The two together can explore hundreds of videos and games covering everything a preschooler (and their parents) could wish for: ABC’s, music, movement, daily routines, and games. When my sons were young, we loved the songs, and I was thrilled to see some of our family favorites from back in the day. “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon” and “It’s not Easy Being Green” – both still stop all of us in our tracks for a closer listen. It is such a joy to see these classics alive again and loved by new generations. The Art work is Sesame Street at its best – bright, cheerful, and uplifting. Transitioning to a tablet has not dimmed or faded any of the older videos.

Inside Sesame Street

On opening the app, there are several options for interaction and kids are free to select what interests them. The selection buttons are large and just the right size for little fingers. This helps kids become more independent and confident in learning to make a decision. By selecting a character such as Elmo, a huge variety of videos will pop up. Once selected, each video or game is short. This is in accordance with the attention span of a toddler or young preschooler. One of the reasons I love Sesame Street is that they always respect children and relate to their abilities. Each video or game has a theme or lesson to help your child learn – whether it’s about healthy choices, respect for others, or academics. There is an added feature to register on for activities such as printables, coloring sheets, and toolkits that cover diverse topics important to kids and families. It is through play with these videos and games that kids learn by motor imitation and begin to sequence language in a subtle no stress environment. If you have a TV that can cast from your iPad, it would be such a treat to see and dance to songs on the big screen. Although there are no ads, IAPs, or links to social media – this is one app I would gladly pay for add-on packs or a subscription for rotating content. I would love to see the King Tut Video or Put Down the Duckie as those were just ripe for getting up and moving. This app is highly recommended – and saving the best for last is that this app is a gift to kids everywhere. There is no charge for the app or its content. On the website, there is a space for donating to Sesame Street, and I can’t think of a worthier cause. Available on iOS.

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