400x40000bbAvast ye maties, I think there’s some coffer for the wee ones in Lipa Pirates and their companion game app, Lipa Race. Lipa Pirates reinforces and rehearses spatial orientation concepts brought forth in a variety of games and activities. Having a variety of challenges reinforces generalization and the ability to perceive form and space across different circumstances. 17 missions await your aspiring Pirate. The destination is to retrieve the treasure long hidden by a ghost and protected by a “Kraken” or Sea Monster. First off is building the ship. Activities involve tracing shapes to cut out pieces to build a ship, selecting the crew and stocking the larder. Although the initial challenges are tracing and matching games for early learners, the tracing needs to be relatively precise to cut the shape for use. When ready to use a writing utensil, this is a perfect point to introduce a stylus to build up intrinsic FullSizeRender 8hand strength and visual motor skills.
Allow Bluebee to guide your pirate o’er the seven seas and keep your child challenged through activities that promote shape recognition, tracing, and topographical navigation. The Bluebee, can act like a peer or sibling by interacting with your child. The demands of a task lessen and become easier coming from a friend. Spatial skills are life-enhancing skills that everyone needs to explore and experiment with to “find their way”.

400x40000bb-1The companion game to Lipa Pirates, Lipa Race challenges a child’s level of bilateral integration (both sides of the body working in sync). AND by using a Bluebee giving instruction, a child can stay calm and focused without excess stress or pressure. Playing by standing on a cushion or other uneven surface will increase the challenge. Check out this sure fire winner from Lipa, and tell them the Capt’n Bluebee says Ahoy!


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