Busy Shapes by Edoki is a fantastic early learning app.  Based on Piaget’s research on cognitive development, this app begins with cause and effect play and evolves into an exercise in problem-solving and tool use. It bridges the gap between a child being reactive to being proactive in relating to the environment. Gameplay is simple. The goal is to match and sink a shape into its corresponding hole, but there are plenty of obstacles to overcome along the way! There are six different levels of Busy Shapes; each level is scaffolded from the foundation of the previous level. Kids test out shapes, colors, and size and explore how to first work around obstacles.

 Learning is organic and organized as kids begin to expand their scope and view of what is possible.

 Ultimately you get to the place where everything is a tool and you are constantly scanning and alerting to changes in play, and then making needed adaptations. Solutions foster creativity and “thinking outside of the box”.  If you make an error, you simply start that play screen again with a different approach.  There is no judgment or buzzers placed in this app for failure to place your shape, and therefore it teaches kids perseverance and to have the confidence to try another approach. This is a preschool “essential app”.  It is a great assessment tool for finding out how kids think and problem-solve, as well as where they get “stuck”.

In Summary

Bluebee can be either be turned on or off as most of the sounds are environmental. Having already established Bluebee as a Pal who cheers you on, it is not always necessary to have him on. Sometimes a silent witness is the best witness as the constant auditory input can be overwhelming when you are trying to figure things out. Having Bluebee to squeeze and love provides all the encouragement your child needs to explore something new. Busy Shapes is just the ticket for puzzling fun with Bluebee!


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