200x20000bbStartDOT Handwriting by TrishCO LLC is the perfect app for kids needing both visual and auditory cues to reinforce proper letter formation. So many kids that we see in the clinic, have learned maladaptive patterns for letter formation. Visual, fine motor skills, and overall core strength are directly relatable to how kids form letters. Starting letters from the bottom turns problematic when learning to write words as kids “get stuck” on the upper level of a letter when making strokes and have a hard time with engaging their core to “come down” with the right force or effort to join letters into words. Kids with low tone often display this pattern and it is hard to overcome. Starting off learning to write on an iPad and then transferring to pencil and paper makes a marked impact on handwriting skills.

In StartDOT Handwriting and learning about the “how to” of writing letters is presented in a story format for better retention. All strokes are modeled in addition to the letter story – laying down an extra layer of both visual and auditory sequence as well as the kinesthetic “feel” to writing. Prompts are faded so kids can quickly gain independence and mastery.

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Playing StartDOT Handwriting with Bluebee makes Handwriting fun. Bluebee tells the story of how to make letters, and when doing it together with him, it turns it into play. Bluebee is not judgmental and patiently waits til you get the “hang” of it. Tip: make sure your child is ready for tool use before writing letters. They will need to have achieved a certain amount of hand development that enables them to pick up small objects, hold a stylus, and be able to keep their eyes on a target. Starting out slowly playing for short periods keeps confidence and motivation high. Available on iOS and Google Play.

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