2048x2048bb-1Ten Giggly Gorillas by Wasabipro and written by Graham Nunn, is more fun than a barrelful of monkeys – although in this case, it’s gorillas hanging from a tree. This storybook app opens to a tree filled with colorfully outfitted gorillas, and it is YOUR job to find each individual gorilla given a clue before they fall. This app includes powerful skill building elements of following and retaining multistep directions, visual scanning, and basic numeracy for learning to count. There are a lot of surprises in the storybook, not only from the gorillas themselves but also from hidden objects tucked away in the pages. Finding the silly toucan and flowers will bring extra surprises while reading, keeping attention tuned into the task by wanting to discover more. For younger kids, just learning to coordinate vision with a specific task, the specified gorilla to locate is slightly highlighted to avoid frustration and  sets the ground for future reading and writing by maintaining a successful outcome.Tip: find the toucan first – so you can hear him shout “Hallo!”

img_4051Some of the best features of the app are:

  • Both a read to me and a read to myself section
  • Text Highlighting
  • Rhythmic and rhyming text that facilitates fun and engagement
  • Both male and female gorillas are outfitted in a variety of outfits representational of different play schemes
  • A delay button for interaction so that kids listen to the story page’s direction before acting – (This is an important skill to build executive functioning skills)
  • Professional Narration
  • The opportunity to listen to the direction again, if missed – prompting memory and insuring success
  • A memory game to extend the content and include friends, siblings, and parents in play

This is one of my Bluebee’s favorite stories. He loves watching the monkeys in the book, finding the toucan and musical flowers, and playing the game with family and friends. Wasabi is a developer that you can trust for great content and most of all fun! Available on iOS.


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