400x40000bbThe American Academy of Sleep Medicine has 2 books to help your children develop healthier sleep habits. I See the Animals Sleeping – A Bedtime Story and The Animals Sleep-A Bedtime Book of Biomes. Both are rich in portraying the sleep habits of the Wild Kingdom, and who is better to deliver that story than Bluebee – right from the great outdoors herself? Regular sleep habits and routines are essential for kid’s self-regulation and being able to process all the information from their bodies and environment properly. A well-rested child is one that is ready to learn. When little ones experience a constant stream of new information; it can be overwhelming, and getting proper rest is the way to stay on top. In, I See the Animals Sleeping – A Bedtime Story, the story displays animals in a resting state. It shows their homes and how they snuggle in for the night.


400x40000bb-2In The Animals Sleep-A Bedtime Book of Biomes, the book looks at sleeping environments and pans the page to display a variety of animals in that biome. After each page is read in both books, tapping on the animal produces the animal’s call or sound and by tapping on the moon in the upper right-hand corner, the book provides fun animal facts to learn about. The narration is rhythmic, calming and paced to help children relax. The artwork is terrific and presented in detailed watercolor paintings. Included in the books are activities perfect for winding down after a busy day. There are 10 animal coloring pages that are fantastically detailed. I do like the fact that the coloring pages do not snap to a grid, and that has merit for teaching fine motor control if paired with a stylus. In addition, 11 puzzles, a matching game, and a quiz game with ten questions can be played. Both books are available on GooglePay, Amazon, and iOS.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine also has a website that contains lesson plans for educators, parents, and other topics about the value of sleep and function. This website is jam packed with activities paired with each book. The books and the lesson plans are free, which is incredibly generous. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has created this comprehensive resource so that children can be at their best. And after a good reading with Bluebee, its time to settle down…Yawn…and get some sleep. Tomorrow will be another day for play! Sleep well Little Bluebee!

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